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The Shine Show

Jun 6, 2022

Let's talk about the F word.


Not that F word. I'm talking about Failure. 


You've spent months creating an online course. You're finally happy with it. The anticipation. The excitement. The adrenaline. Surely this is YOUR moment…..


But instead of hearing "cha-ching" from your bank account, you hear…..crickets. 


UMMMM...what in the Zuckerberg is going on?


Hold on. 


Before concluding you're a failure and selling online isn't your calling, or worse, that you're better off shutting down your online course, hear me out: 


Failure is a critical part of success.


This week on The Shine Show, I get real with you. After years of experience and all the launches I've helped skyrocket to cyber success, a recent launch of mine flopped! 


I know first hand how bad Failure can feel. It's frustrating, confusing, consuming, and demotivating….but Failure means you are one step closer to success. It's simply another way that didn't work! 


Even though the results were vastly different to what I was expecting, and at the time I wanted to run away and hide, after unpacking the results I realized it hasn’t been a failure at all. 


It’s been a huge learning curve that has opened up doors of phenomenal possibilities and new opportunities to win…big time!


And this isn't some Kumbaya campfire, airy-fairy, woo woo thing I'm telling you to make you feel good. A failed launch is actually a REALLY good thing. It means you have more data and experience, a better idea of where to pivot, and you are closer than ever to reaching success. 


There's no need to unpack your results alone!


Tune in to the show and learn how to turn a setback into your greatest comeback, plus all the tea from my recent ‘failed’ launch to help you avoid the mistakes I made.





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