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The Shine Show

Feb 28, 2022

Got a love-hate relationship with social media? 

Even though it's given us all this amazing opportunity to connect with others, there is a dark side we need to address. It’s no secret there is alotta rubbish floating around our feeds that can fuel feelings of unworthiness, FOMO, isolation, and anxiety. 

The average...

Feb 21, 2022

Today, we're tackling the big, bad, online course boogie monster hiding under most of our cyber beds. 

Technology. *shudders*

If you've ever procrastinated when it comes to anything business manager or decided reels could be your next audience-building savior or wanted to outsource all the techy business bits, then...

Feb 14, 2022

Feeling a little 'behind' when it comes to your business goals?  This episode of The Show Show is especially for you! Ever feel like when you're about to get back on track to achieving your goals, a million sneaky little excuses pop into your head?

'It's too expensive right now,' 'I need to focus on the kids’, 'It's...

Feb 7, 2022

Imagine there was a way to hack the social media system, avoid spending hours and hours trying to crack the ever changing algorithm, and finally build a huge audience of engaged fans more than willing to pay for your superpowers?


I'm no genie, but this one wish I can grant!


Cue: Facebook & Instagram Ads.


I'm not...