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The Shine Show

Apr 25, 2022

Kinda ready to hire an Integrator but not sure if it's the right move? Or perhaps you’re wondering, Inte-whatnow???

This week’s episode of The Shine Show is especially for you!

I’m joined by my work wife, honorary psychologist, punching bag, tissue box, life planner, and cyber angel, Integrator Chloe!

Hiring an Integrator was a pivotal point in my business, and having Chloe on my team made things go from stressy to progressy. She is my secret sauce for getting sh!t done!

Every visionary hits the ceiling at some point. Between juggling the systems, the financial stuff, the team, and everything in between, setting aside for your big picture thinking gets lower and lower down the to-do list. 

An Integrator will give you your time back and allow you to do all the dreaming and big picture planning. AKA the stuff you're really good at! Think about what you could create with all that extra time and the relationships you could nurture. Hand on heart, Chloe changed my life!

Today on The Shine Show, Chloe joins me and shares all things Integrator, from what exactly she does day to day (AKA everything) to how you know when you're ready to transform your life by hiring your own Integrator. If you’re looking for a superstar Integrator, but not quite ready to take on a full-time team member, Audacious Empires are your gals! They are the best in the biz, and you can stalk them here.

It's time to get your burning Integrator questions answered!




P.S Did you find this week's episode helpful? I love hearing your feedback. Jump over to my Instagram and let me know what you think and if Chloe’s wise advice has helped you take the leap to get yourself an Integrator!