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The Shine Show

Dec 27, 2021

I'm sure you're sick of hearing about 'gratitude’ at this time of the year.


It can often feel like an overused buzzword. However, *hear me out* gratitude is more than a whole ton of Kumbaya around a campfire. It's a key component in achieving unbelievable goals! 


There are so many neurological reasons we can benefit from this general practice of expressing thanks for both the good and the bad in our lives, especially in times of challenge and change. 


It's safe to say, the last two years have been pretty traumatic for all of us, and navigating a new world with unexpected changes, all of which were entirely out of our control. Especially as business owners!


If left undealt with, this trauma can start wreaking havoc internally without us even realizing it and hold us back from experiencing the unbelievable good that’s coming our way! 


Here is one thing I have discovered about dealing with tough times. 


When you learn to become grateful for the bad and see the beauty it brings, it loses its power over you. It no longer consumes you with negative emotions. Gratitude is reclaiming your power and looking at the situation with peace. 


I really encourage you to sit down and think about all the good that has resulted from 2021, even in the moments we'd rather not relive. Perhaps you found new opportunities in your business, or you had more quality time to spend with family, or you embraced a slower pace of life. Take the time to reflect and find the silver linings. 


Today on The Shine Show, I share the 9.5 things I am grateful for from 2021. Yes, that's not a typo. You'll have to tune in to find out why it's not a nice rounded up 10! Grab a notebook, find a quiet spot, and take a moment to be thankful for the good and the bad that 2021 graced you with. 


I hope 2022 is a year of freedom, healing, and grace for you all. Have a wonderful, safe new year celebration! 


See you next year.





P.S Find me on Instagram and tell me some of the things you are grateful for from 2021! The good, the bad, the ugly. Let’s share the silver linings that have come from these strange times!