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The Shine Show

Sep 20, 2021

Ever thought about going live on Instagram or Facebook, but then that sneaky inner critic whispered your way, hellllll no! “You’ll look dumb; you’ll be so cringe; what if you stuff up?”


BUT what if you don’t!


What if someone tunes in, and your little nugget of wisdom changes the entire trajectory of their life?


You’ve been on this earth a little while now, and the ridiculously invaluable wealth of knowledge sitting inside your brain needs to be shared with the world. 


And going live is one of the fastest ways to achieve that!


My next incredible guest on The Shine Show, Rosie Faulker, is the expert when it comes to helping women over 40 conquer their fears and confidently go LIVE. After starting a fashion blog and discovering video content would be the fastest way to grow a thriving audience, Rosie began producing her very own show ‘Style Access’.


And on her first day, she was a nervous wreck.


Shallow breathing, racing mind, jitters, the works! (We’ve all been there!) 


Could everyone tell she was nervous? Yup…


But did she die? NO!


After producing over 40 episodes, Rosie knows all the trade tricks that help women feel, look, and radiate confidence when going live. Even in those not-so-glamorous moments when the internet drops out, or you lose your train of thought (yep, it happens to everyone!)


And this week on The Shine Show, Rosie joins me to share all her game-changing tips for tackling a live with ease!


Tune in to discover:

  • The secrets to looking and feeling confident in front of the camera
  • How to prepare like a professional
  • Embracing the mistakes and rolling with the punches
  • Deciding which platform will connect you to your dream audience the fastest


PLUS soo much more!


If you’re ready to reach your dream audience faster and share wisdom with those who need it, going LIVE is one of the best ways to get you there!





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P.S If you want to take your presentation skills to the next level, head over to Rosie’s Instagram and check out her masterclasses & courses for yourself!