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The Shine Show

May 9, 2022

This week we revisit one of the most popular episodes from 2021. Hope you enjoy this blast from the past.


Feeling like your energy and money is vanishing into thin air? With little to show for all that hard, hard work you've poured into your business?


Stop what you're doing (and double-stop what you're doing if it involves learning a new Reels dance that you're hoping will draw in hundreds of new followers) because it sounds like you have a case of 'broken funnel' on your hands!


Right now, you might be thinking; my funnel is A LOT! Where the HECK do I even start? And how do I even know what needs fixing? Is there some magic pill that can do it for me?


Or maybe you’re just not making money and you suspect it might be because your funnel is not working, but how do you know where to start fixing it? 


This week on The Shine Show, I'm putting on my funnel doctor coat and taking you step by step through the funnel diagnosing process that will help you:


  • Pinpoint and fix the problem
  • Reclaim your time
  • Stop the bank account drain
  • Put your energy & resources into the things that will make you more moolah
  • and start growing exponentially!


Now is the perfect time to reset, reflect, tweak and get your funnels in tip-top shape and set yourself up for the most unbelievable success!





P.S Nothing makes my heart happier than hearing your feedback from the show. Jump over to my Instagram and message me if you're taking away something from today's episode! What are you fixing first in your funnel? Slide into my DMs and let me know!