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The Shine Show

Jun 27, 2022

I'm about to admit something big.

There have been times when I totally lost my passion for my business. 


I know, not everyone will admit to it, but you know I keep things real. 

There have been moments where I got sidetracked by so many shiny objects because they seemed more fun. 

There have even been times I felt I would rather watch another episode of Real Housewives than answer another email. 

Recently I had a huge epiphany that changed everything for me, and if you've at times lost your mojo, it's going to help you too.

I used to think all the external factors caused this burnout and exhaustion. 

Too many meetings, not enough time or money… you know the old lines we all have running in our minds when we are tired and stressed. 

And… dawned on me. My burnout has nothing to do with the external factors. 

You could land a job as a full-time chocolate taste tester or a professional shoe shopper, but if you don’t tackle those internal issues, everywhere you go, they’ll pop up and steal your joy! 

So what do you do when you start feeling blah about your business? How exactly can we deal with the internal stuff?

You'll have to tune into this week's episode of The Shine Show to find out. 

If you're walking in circles, always coming back to the same frustration, the same exhaustion, the same belief that once you get to your next goal, you'll be happy...stop what you are doing because this episode is especially for you.

Tune in now, and let's get your mojo back!



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