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The Shine Show

Aug 30, 2022

Why does social media for our business stress us out so much?

If you’re like me, then you love endlessly scrolling through other people’s content, there goes a gazillion hours down the rabbit hole. Yet when it comes to posting our own message on the socials.. we see it oh, so differently.

Nothing is quick, nothing is good enough and we often hate it. Am I right? 

Social media doesn’t need to be like that. 

This week on The Shine Show we talk about the one thing that makes it all worthwhile and I can tell you it’s definitely not fake eyelashes or number of likes and it’s certainly not perfect posts. 

When we consider that the purpose of social media is to build our email list (hint hint), and we realize that there are many ways to do this with social media playing a very small role, then we totally remove the pressure. Social media is about connection. Nothing more. And of course, when do we make the best connections? When we’re sharing our authentic self. Think of it like dating! 

Listen in to hear how to chill and relax your own approach to social media. You get to choose your preferred platform, your favourite message delivery and EXACTLY how and what you communicate with your audience. I want you to choose whichever options help you to be confident and feel like the expert that you truly are.

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