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The Shine Show

Jun 13, 2022

This week’s episode is like a day spa for your brain!

You're busy working on your business, course, students, and family, but when was the last time you worked on yourself? 

If it's been a hot minute, then today's episode of The Shine Show is especially for you. 

Your potential for success, for more students, and more income comes down to one thing: showing up as your best self.

Want to know the secret to turning up as your best self and having an endless supply of magnetic energy that your community can't get enough of?


If you have been putting yourself last for way too long and neglecting the very brain that thought up all those brilliant ideas of yours… 

Stop what you're doing because, without some proper TLC, that same brilliant mind of yours also has the power to rip it all away. 

If you are constantly pulled in a million directions, unsure where to go next, having surges of 'pick me' energy, and feeling like you're always chasing students desperate for them to join you…..guess what!

We've got some mindset work to do.

And I've got the perfect gal for you to meet.

This week on the show, I'm joined by mindset coach Claire Yee who has helped thousands of women develop life-altering mindsets that help them achieve their dreams. 

Being around Claire is the equivalent of taking your brain to a day spa. So put on your fluffy robe, get out the cucumber slices and prepare yourself for some mind nourishment that will set you up for a relaxed, calm, and collected week! 

This episode will impact and change you for the better, so grab a cuppa and learn how to get back to being your best self!



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