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The Shine Show

Jul 25, 2022

Imagine working for Tony Robbins and having Amy Porterfield as your manager right at the time when this big, mysterious goldmine known as online courses was just starting to emerge.

No need to imagine because this week on The Shine Show, I'm joined by Gina Onativia, who spent 5+ years creating online courses for Tony Robbins before online courses were even a thing! 

This gal seriously is one of the pioneers in the industry, which means she's seen it all, from the jaw-dropping, insanely genius marketing ideas to the facepalming, train crash moments.

These days, Gina uses her superpowers to help online course creators take their kernel of an idea and create a clever roadmap to popping that baby into a buttery online course!

We all have something to give; we all have a lot of passion paired with some killer knowledge that helps others solve significant problems.

…..and we wanna get paid for it!

But the reality is, passion alone won't pay the bills.

There are some common mistakes online course creators make when pulling information out of their heads and turning it into an online course, and this week Gina drops some serious GOLD. She shares her sticky note strategy that'll help you get everything out of your head and into an online course that you're proud to put a hefty price tag on.

From finding your niche to creating an irresistible lead magnet that draws in your dream students, let me tell you there is so much value in this week's episode!

If you need more of Gina's magic in your life (spoiler alert: you do), check out her podcast, Online Course Creator Incubator over at Course Creation Boutique. You will find heaps of useful resources for your online course, but you will not find anything helpful on Irvator (IYKYK). 

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