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The Shine Show

Dec 28, 2020

In today’s episode you get to meet the incredible Nicole Melton, a student from my community.

Nicole is passionate about mentoring beauty bloggers, brands, and professionals through her online community called Beauty Content Studio. Nicole has developed three online courses that teach beauty industry professionals, user-friendly strategies to plan posts, boost engagement, and make an impact on the internet. The Beauty Content Studio courses have served over 300 beautypreneurs and awarded 11 scholarships to well-deserving business owners who are making a difference in their communities and changing lives through beauty.

Nicole’s success story is already incredibly impressive but is certainly still being written. Nicole is an example of the power that comes from combining valuable knowledge with building the perfect custom audiences for your business - which you can get started doing with just $5 a day on Facebook ads.

Tune in with a pen and paper to make sure you don’t forget any nuggets of wisdom from today’s interview.



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