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The Shine Show

Dec 21, 2020

I get it: It is a LOT of work to nurture your audience and email list if you’re not seeing immediate results.

If you’re not confident in how to make money from your audience, it will just feel like you’re always pushing something up a hill day after day with no relief.

That’s why in today’s episode I’m breaking down the formula you need to sell to complete strangers. Here’s the hack: leads + offers = sales!

Of course, it’s not THAT simple. Tune in to get the full rundown and to learn the three funnel stages you need to master to speak directly to your ICA no matter where they’re at (and to move them closer to buying).

Once you’ve listened you will know exactly why it matters that you show up on social media, build your email list, and send them regular valuable content in order to monetize your audience. You will also understand how to make money from your audience whether they’re cold, warm, or hot - and you’ll know how to create replicable systems that you can scale so you can make even more money from your audience long term.

P.S. To all my Friends fans - how you doin’? You will understand this episode on an especially deep level!


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