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The Shine Show

Dec 14, 2020

Welcome to episode 82 of The Shine Show!

Today we’re talking about something that might stand in between you and what you REALLY want to achieve: perfectionism.

Yep, we’re diving deep with the ugly beast that tells you things need to be PERFECT before anyone will pay you or before you’re worthy. Once you can wrangle through (or with) the desire to perfect things, you can kick your goals out of the part and move towards online success.

In this episode I’m interviewing my friend and student Kimberly Samson. Kimberly is the founder of The Midlife Community and host of The Midlife Podcast where she discusses all things affecting women after 40.

Kimberly’s mission is to help women reimagine the potential of their midlife and design their next best chapter. She’s doing away with the idea that your midlife has to be stressful and tough and inspiring her community to make this chapter the best yet.

I am so delighted that you will hear from Kimberly today. She is so incredibly wise and inspires me regularly inside our community with life-changing mindset shifts. Tune in and be sure to let me know what you think of the episode!


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