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The Shine Show

Apr 29, 2020

Welcome to day 30 of 30 Days of Ads In April. 

There is a recipe for success. 

Many other online course creators have already invented the best time to launch and the best things to do before you launch to ensure you succeed. 

Today, on our last day of 30 Days of Ads In April, I’m going to share with you what most successful online course creators’ 12-month launch calendars look like.

When you know how to create your 12-month launch calendar nothing will be stopping you from hitting that high 6 or 7 figures that will give you the freedom you crave!

If you’ve watched all 30 fo the 30 Days of Ads in April content I want to thank you for hanging out with me and for being part of this journey. 

I trust that you are safe and I look forward to hearing how you’re using this to grow your online courses business and impact more people’s lives. 

Take care!