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The Shine Show

May 23, 2022

This week on The Shine Show, we’re tackling the number one mistake holding most online course creators back (and what to do if you’ve already made it)!  But first, we’re heading to my kitchen.

Recently I set out to bake a cake. I had all my ingredients lined up; my apron was on, the oven was ready, and the instructions were simple (no double tray situations - if you remember back from #quesadillagate). 

What could possibly go wrong? 

I diligently measured all the ingredients and mixed them nicely into a .....runny, disgusting tasting goop!


My culinary expert and cooking extraordinaire husband Emil came home to the goopy mess and was determined to solve the case. 

Flour, check. 

Butter, check. 

Eggs, check. 

Half a cup of baking powder, check. 

"Wait, wait, wait. Half a cup of baking powder?" He burst out laughing. It was on this day I learned a very important, soapy-tasting lesson on the difference between baking soda and baking powder. 

In the wrong proportion, this one little ingredient caused my whole cake to be an unwanted, overlooked waste of effort. 

But if I had simply tweaked that one ingredient, my cake would have been a huge success, and the whole family would have queued up, ready to savor a slice. 

The same goes for an online course. You might have all the right ingredients, but if one thing is slightly out of proportion, your whole online course cake could turn into a giant, unwanted, cyber soap-tasting mess. 

Here's the good news. 

There's no need to abandon the kitchen and give up on your course creation dreams. By simply tweaking the ingredients and using the correct measurements, you could be back on track to serving delicious, warm, chocolate online course cake that your students will be raving about. This week on The Shine Show, I share the three things every online course creator MUST do to scale their course successfully, including the number one mistake most online course creators make (and how to avoid it). 

Ready to learn the secrets behind launching profitably, scaling your business, and creating a ton of moolah? 



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