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The Shine Show

Aug 1, 2022

I've seen Ads Manager hires turn out worse than Kim & Kanye. It's a story I hear far too often….

Ever thought…

"I’m done with this slow poke organic social media growth stuff; I'll get an Ads Manager to put my course in front of millions of people. Surely at least half of them will love what they see, press 'Buy Now' and boom, instant millionaire."

Easy peasy.

Narrator: *it was not easy peasy*

Well, it’s an easy peasy way to throw a whole lot of money into cyberspace. And chances are if you’ve been in this sinking cyber boat before, you’re still pretty salty with that mean Ads Manager who promised the world, but delivered peanuts!

Well…I've got some news for you….

(And heads up, it might infuriate you a little)

It’s not the Ads Manager’s fault.

But it is a sign that you need to take a deep dive into your biz because there's a problem that needs fixing stat!

So when are you ready for an Ads Manager? What should you look for when hiring an Ads Manager? What can cause it to go so terribly wrong? 

This week on The Shine Show we’re talking all things Ads Managers!

I’m exposing the lies you've probably been told, the reason it ends badly for so many course creators and what to do next if you've been the victim of a flopped campaign!

Grab a coffee and PRESS PLAY here.



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