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The Shine Show

Jul 18, 2022

Today I'm getting a thorn out of my side…pesky little Low Dollar Offers. 


When your main offer isn't flying out the door, it's completely normal to think…


"What if I sell all that value for just $27? It’ll be the deal of the century! I'll hit 1000 sales in no time and CHA CHING baby, I'm a 5-figure launcher”…..


Super easy, right?


Hoolllldddd up! 


Low Dollar Offers can actually do the exact opposite of a 5-figure launch and land you a 5-figure loss, sending all your precious moolah straight to Zuckerberg's pocket. 


Here's a truth bomb for you: 


Loyal, high-paying, sustainable students won't need a huge discount to want to work with you!


They will be happy to pay what you're worth. 


$27…$1,000...even $10,000…because your superpowers are helping them to solve a huge problem. Imagine if a dream student who would be happy to pay $1,000 for your course, jumps on board for just $27? 


Sure, they scored a bargain, love that for them; but YOU end up missing out, big time. And after all the hard work you’ve poured into your business, you deserve to receive what you're worth.


So why are there so many Low Dollar Offers flying around? When do they actually work? 


This week on The Shine Show, I'm exploring the in's and out's of Low Dollar Offers, how they work and how you can decipher if it's the right option for your next launch. 


Don't even think about slashing your prices until you've listened to this episode. 




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