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The Shine Show

Jul 4, 2022

Nothing is more glorious than leaping from the 1-1, saying goodbye to locked in meetings and waving hello to the fat wallet, flexi schedule, online course creator life. 

Boy, oh boy, is that an exciting place to be. Sweet, sweet freedom to block off time for holidays, to be there to pick your kids up from school, to watch the school play, to see them race at the sports carnival. 

But, putting the realist hat on for a sec, how do you make it happen? And how do you make it happen smoothly?  

Jump too soon; your income will take a serious hit….

Jump too late; the momentum you worked hard to build could slip through your fingers.

My friend, I have good news for you. There is a proven roadmap to successfully emerging from your coaching cocoon and transforming into the spectacular, multi-figure online course creator butterfly you've dreamt of being.

Wanna know how?

This week on The Shine Show, I share the step-by-step how I took to leap from mostly 1-1 work, to being a full-fledged online course creator with an extra $200k landing in my bank account while I sipped Pina Coladas by the pool - for real!

I'll reveal the whole process, from who to hire, when to outsource, knowing if it's the right time, what I wish I had done earlier, and so much more. 

Grab a pen so you don’t miss the actionable steps you can take right now that'll set you up for a smooth transition.




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