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The Shine Show

May 30, 2022

The business dream isn't always so dreamy. So how do you continue with confidence when it feels like everyone around you is so uncertain about where you’re going? 

This week we're going to get real vulnerable....

We're all about authenticity in The Launch Lounge, and yes, we do share the perceived wins. But we're also committed to keepin’ it real and sharing the perceived losses. 

The world tells us success should be instant. So it's no wonder many of us walk around feeling like utter failures because a 6 figure launch didn't happen immediately! 

It takes a while for things to start coming together.
It takes time before financial results start flying through. 

And it's all part of the journey, and it's a really good thing because it allows you to get crystal clear on the bits that are working (and ready to scale) and the bits that are wasting your time and resources. 

But I get it. At times, growing an online course can feel like eating dry cardboard. Data, patience, testing, trialing, zero can feel like all your hard work is going down the drain. 

But it's in this very moment when it all feels too hard; you need all the hope, support, understanding, and patience in the world to keep going because you're well on the way to seeing incredible results. Believe me, it’s going to happen!

It's also at this moment when a shiny, bright bajillion-dollar successful launch story can make you want to throw a hammer at your laptop and scream, WHEN IS IT MY TURN!

So this week on The Shine Show, we're going to get honest about the online course journey. The highs, the lows, and everything in between.

My courageous, brilliant student Diane Evans from PhotoFluent transparently & bravely shares her online course journey. Even though her course teaches travellers to take photos they feel proud of, her business journey has been anything but picture perfect. Rather than giving up, Diane has stuck to her vision and found a way to keep the hope alive, find confidence within herself, and stay true to her dream. 

If you're losing hope and feeling like things are taking forever to happen, this episode is exactly for you. Don't let the feeling of failure shape your future. Tune in now and hear Diane's story for yourself! It'll inspire you to keep going even when it feels tough.


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